Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Dress While Pregnant (and other tidbits)

Another friend asked me to forward her this information today. The list was originally compiled by a friend of mine. I realized that this group may also be interested in the resources below:

Online Community/Listserv -- DC Urban Moms and Dads

This is invaluable for all things pregnancy and mommyhood. Get on the listserv and you can read other people's questions which i found educational (but sometimes annoying or off-topic) and the key is to be able to post your own questions. I found our pediatrician, info about travel with infant, found some items that people were selling (rocking chair for nursing, breastfeeding pillow, baby bjorn),etc.

Podcast for pregnancy

This is a GREAT podcast. You can either download from their website or itunes. I downloaded all the past ones and listened to them on my commute etc. Its better than reading the books in many cases.

Pregnancy Clothing
I am a huge proponent of the nice maternity clothes because it really makes a difference in how you feel and also how you look. Plus, my experienced friends told me that they didn't realize that they would not only be wearing this stuff during pregnancy but you end up wearing it for a bit after you have the baby because your body is not back to normal yet. However, let me say a few things about this:

Don't be a sucker for Pea in the Pod. Yes, they have cute stuff but everything is SUPER expensive and I found that you can often find the same stuff online for cheaper or discounted.

Some women really love something called The Bella Band which is like this tube top thing that goes around your belly and you can use it to wear your regular pants for a longer time (unbuttoned) and you can also use it with maternity pants when they still are a little big:

I recommend Appleseed boutique in Old Town to go and try on some stuff to see what size you are and also what brands/styles you like and then what you can do (which is what I did) is search online for the brands and find them at lower prices. They have ALL the cool brands but they are full price - but rarely have sales. Get on their mailing list for coupons. However, I swear I found some of the very same stuff online for like 25% off! So in the dressing room I actually wrote down the names and style numbers for things I liked and then searched for them online. However, I did go back and buy a few things at these shops that I couldn't find online. FYI - they sell bella bands.

The best brands in my opinion are:
Japanese weekend - they have a website that has sale items quite often:

Noppies - a UK brand that has awesome pants and jeans too. I have a pair of brown and black pants that I lived in and I wore them from the beginning and still fit in them at the end plus my jeans are from this brand and they were about $100 compared to some of the really trendy brands at pea in the pod for like 200+...

Olian - cute tops and dresses

Meet me in Miami

Chiarakruza - i love their pants - they are so stylish

Jeans -- Citizens of Humanity, Habitual, and Serfontaine are the top brands for maternity jeans with the celebrities. Here's my take on them. If you absolutely LOVE THEM on you and you think you will wear them for your entire pregnancy, see if you can find them online on sale but first try them on in the store so you can be sure of your size. I personally found that they didn't look as cute in person than they did in photos etc.

Online boutiques I love:
Tummy Style - (my FAVE store online)

Belly Dance Maternity - Sale page

bellylicious maternity

Baby Style

Also I found a few coupon codes that can be used at these stores:
Description: $10 off every $30+ purchase
Expiration: unknown

Bellylicious Maternity
Description: 10% off on all non-sale merchandise
Expiration: unknown

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NIH Lactation Program

The NIH has a Nursing Mothers Program that is available. While the lactation consultants can't come to see you, they do offer over the phone consultations that might help. See their site here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Choosing a Stroller

Questions are flying around DCEG about the best stroller. Here are some of the opinions:

We have the city mini and couldn't be happier. Compact but very sturdy, awesome one hand fold, and reasonable basket. I totally recommend it. Also, we can fold up Ella's razor scooter and fit it in the bottom, so when we go longer distances, Amelia rides and Ella scooters...

I don't think the maclaren is all that. We have one but don't like it. It tips over, has a small basket... My friend has a city mini, she loves that one! We have the BOB, which is awesome.