Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daisy Baby in Bethesda is having a moving sale

Daisy Baby is having a moving sale

They have really lovely things... might be nearly affordable on sale.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Really excellent article in Huffington Post

Check Huffington Post article here.

She talks about the working mom/the trade-offs/and the guilt, but in a helpful way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coping with Pregnancy Edema

This question came up today... here are my thoughts. Does anyone have other suggestions on how to address this common pregnancy woe?

Avoid all salty foods
Drink a LOT of water
Sleep with a pillow under your feet (even while on your side)
Soak in a bath with Epsom salts
Whenever possible lay down with your feet higher than your head

I’ve heard that the compression hose is better than the socks. I never got around to buying them. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

PEP classes

I've been taking parenting classes through the Parent Encouragement Program.  I highly recommend these if anyone is interested!



Soup, delivered to most zip codes in the city/close-in suburbs

We order from Soupergirl at least once a month... healthy, home made, and brought to your door!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Maclaren Recall

Maclaren is recalling ALL of their strollers...
evidently there is a patch. But my husband hates ours and I'm sure want us just to get rid of it...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to tell the flu from a cold

I couldn't get the table to format here so I found the information on another page instead...

How to tell a cold from the flu

How to post to the blog...

I've added everyone to the email alert option on the blog so that when new items are posted you will receive an email in your in-box. (You can be removed at any time, just let me know.)

To post directly to the bog email jloukiss.dceg@blogger.com. That will create a new entry. To make a comment on an old entry, use the comment feature.

I'm not sure this format will be the most user-friendly for our purposes, but it's what I'm most familiar with right now. If you have an idea of another site/blog format that would work better, please let me know!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumping advice....

Here's the list of suggestions that came to Lindsay to welcome her back from maternity leave:

whenever I feel like my milk is running low I add an extra pumping (dropping down to every 2 hrs--totally annoying) and start drinking lots of fluids (especially fenugreek tea--old wives tale about increasing milk production).  Since our last round of kids, they starting making soft flexible breast shields, which I find incredibly more comfortable than the hard ones and believe it makes pumping more tolerable! 

I agree that the soft cups are really great (though I never had the rigid ones...).

To ease your re-entry... here's my pumping sign! I put it inside a plastic document protector and hung it from my door (used a dry-erase marker to note the time...)


Okay couple updates: I stopped the breast feedings last Sunday (on day 8-9 now). though he occasionally asks for it still (this morning when I was getting dressed, he saw them and went for them I covered in time J), it has not been that bad! I told him that I dont feel well, and he seems to get it, as he repeatedly says mommy not well!!! My heart goes out to him though, but life is goodon the other hand, I have definitely wanted to feed him as my breasts are like stones and so painful and lumpy!!!! 8 days later still!!!!

Teeth Brushing

Try using your toothbrush (or an identical one). Kids want what we use... he might be more open to giving you a chance with a toothbrush he really likes. Try role-playing with a doll/stuffed animal that has a mouth that opens (do you have Ernie or big bird? both have open mouths). Then... be consistent--every. single. night. For a few nights last week we skipped brushing b/c M fell asleep while nursing. I just let it go--couldn't bring myself to wake him. When we started back up? Trouble.

Can you enlist your husband in the brushing? Invite your son to brush your teeth? 


From babycenter...

It was always a struggle to get my toddler to brush her teeth. Three things finally worked for us, introduced in this order: 1) Raffi's song "You brush your teeth" on Singable Songs for the Very Young, which we've played several times a day because it's on an album Shaela loves; 2) watching us brush, without asking her to do it or letting her do it herself — magical combination of adult modeling and forbidden fruit, I guess; and 3) a baby toothpaste called Baby's First that tastes good and is okay for her to swallow. — Mita, Ontario, Canada

My 2-year-old would never cooperate at toothbrushing time. "No!" she'd yell, and clamp her mouth closed, even when given her Teletubby toothbrush and tasty kid-style toothpaste. Now I don't tell her to brush her teeth but to roar like a lion, as loud as she can. She loves doing this and doesn't mind that I slip the toothbrush in and give her a good brushing while she roars. — Mary, Illinois

Thanks! Except for the song – we do all the other things! Also using 2 brushes, going over the teeth with a wash-cloth…

I have decided I am the adult, he is the child, his teeth need brushing, so I will brush after him, even when he yells…the only problem is the shutting of the mouth and forcing it open J

On the tooth stain front I did take him to a ped dentist, who confirmed that they are stains and not cavities, he recommended using an electric brush, which I am using, and I think even the times he uses it, he is more likely to brush the actual teeth than vacuum in his mouth J there are still stains, but I am feeling better ~ it, and he is letting me to brush for a few seconds more!!!

Attachment to Day Care Workers

I realize that I am totally attached to the teachers in our son's room at day care. We have to move him (since my husband is changing jobs and the current center is affiliated with his old office in Fairfax). I am not coping well. Should I not get as attached this time with the new teachers? What have others done in this situation? Is it the case simply that every transition is hard for the mom? I admit, I'm bad with change. But I want Michael to do well in this transition.

What's the wisdom out there on how to manage changing day care centers?