Thursday, September 22, 2011

Suggestions for activities for children aged 3 to 6

A former neighbor shared this through our listserve.The list below includes a number of activities that I had not yet considered for our 3-year-old.


The following suggestions are appropriate, purposeful activities that the child from 3
to 6 years enjoys. They help to construct the child’s personality. Prepare the materials
and present the activities in such a way that your child will know how to execute each
activity independently.

Care of person
• The child should be responsible for bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, and
combing hair.
• He/She can choose his or her own clothes (from an appropriate range of options).
• He/She should hang up his or her clothing (the home environment should be
prepared to accommodate these activities, e.g. a low hook on which to hang one’s

Care of Indoors
• Clean sinks, bathrooms,
• Dust and polish furniture, silver
• Mop floors,
• Fold laundry, roll socks,
• Keep room picked-up (make the bed, etc),
• Help with cooking and baking: peel vegetables, slice fruits, make salad, roll
• Water, prune and dust plants,
• Empty dishwasher or rinse dishes,
• Put away dishes,
• Pass food at the table,
• Set the table,
• Fold napkins,
• Clear table,
• Be involved in preparation of breakfast and own lunch,
• Prepare and serve snacks,
• Empty wastepaper baskets,
• Help put groceries away, fold paper bags.

Care of Outdoors
• Shovel snow with a small shovel
• Sweep porch and sidewalks, pick up paper around the yard,
• Rake leaves,
• Collect fallen fruit,
• Help wash car, polish hubcaps.


Important MVA Information for our Maryland Drivers

From the NIH Parent's Listserve today... I thought it was worth posting.
Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) announced it has added an   
emergency contact option to Maryland driver's licenses. Maryland drivers 
can now add three emergency contacts to their driver's license so police 
will know who to call if an accident occurs. The emergency contact       
information is stored electronically on an individual's driver's license 
and will be available only to authorized law enforcement personnel.       
You can go to MVA's website at and add your three   
emergency contacts in just a few minutes. Go to the website, click       
"On-line Transactions, then click "More" and then click "Emergency       
Contacts" to add your emergency contacts. The entire process takes less   
than 10 minutes.       
Please pass along to your family and friends as's worth it!     
Another note: The MVA will no longer be sending out regular reminders that  your driver’s license will need to be renewed. It’s your responsibility to  keep track of when it’s due for renewal. And be careful, if you miss your  renewal date for over a year, you will have to take a driver’s test again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad Open House -- Oct 1

Looking for something to do the first weekend of October? The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad is holding an open house on October 1 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lots of emergency vehicles and activities for young and old. Also on that week is 'The Taste of Bethesda".

The Squad is located at 5020 Battery Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814-2642.

I haven't ever been to either event, but they sound like fun

Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall (i.e. cold season)

The sniffles have begun in our house. The dreaded colds of fall. My husband and I have started taking zinc, since so far only our 3-year-old seems to be suffering. But we've also upped his allergy medicine, in case it's hay fever. And, we've started back in on the saline aerosol nose spray. He is remarkably good at suffering this particular trial of childhood. We let him make it 'rain' first, and then after some cajoling, and Mommy taking a turn at getting saline spray, he's game.

A little less coughing last night, so hopefully this renewed regimen will help.

What are you doing to help fend off colds now that the air has turned cooler?