Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you know about PACE?

PACE stands for Parent and Community Education. It's a new moms group that I participated in when Michael was born. Many of the women I met through my group I am still friends with today.

The organization pairs up 10 or 11 new moms (who all live in the same general area) with a trained facilitator for a 6 or 8 week discussion group.

You're supposed to sign up before the baby is born--so you can be assigned a group to begin 3 weeks post-partum. Contact information is on their site: http://www.pacemoms.org/.

It's about $250, but money WELL spent!

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  1. PACE is great; I did it as a new mom on maternity leave, and my group still meets about once a month. I suppose it can depend on your particular group, and your particular facilitator. I also suppose there are other mom groups that don't come with a fee, but I didn't mind the fee and I think it was really helpful to have a facilitator to get the group going in the beginning. It really helped "empower" me in the beginning, as well as make me realize that all the craziness, chaos, and emotions that come with being a new mom were TOTALLY NORMAL. All of the moms in my group returned to work, and it was nice having a working-mom group outside of my own work environment. So there's my plug.