Thursday, September 22, 2011

Suggestions for activities for children aged 3 to 6

A former neighbor shared this through our listserve.The list below includes a number of activities that I had not yet considered for our 3-year-old.


The following suggestions are appropriate, purposeful activities that the child from 3
to 6 years enjoys. They help to construct the child’s personality. Prepare the materials
and present the activities in such a way that your child will know how to execute each
activity independently.

Care of person
• The child should be responsible for bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, and
combing hair.
• He/She can choose his or her own clothes (from an appropriate range of options).
• He/She should hang up his or her clothing (the home environment should be
prepared to accommodate these activities, e.g. a low hook on which to hang one’s

Care of Indoors
• Clean sinks, bathrooms,
• Dust and polish furniture, silver
• Mop floors,
• Fold laundry, roll socks,
• Keep room picked-up (make the bed, etc),
• Help with cooking and baking: peel vegetables, slice fruits, make salad, roll
• Water, prune and dust plants,
• Empty dishwasher or rinse dishes,
• Put away dishes,
• Pass food at the table,
• Set the table,
• Fold napkins,
• Clear table,
• Be involved in preparation of breakfast and own lunch,
• Prepare and serve snacks,
• Empty wastepaper baskets,
• Help put groceries away, fold paper bags.

Care of Outdoors
• Shovel snow with a small shovel
• Sweep porch and sidewalks, pick up paper around the yard,
• Rake leaves,
• Collect fallen fruit,
• Help wash car, polish hubcaps.


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