Monday, May 6, 2013

Mom stress: I think they think this is news

New survey of moms and their stress levels... this doesn't much seem like news. I think the finding that 3 is the most stressful number is an artifact of the relative commonness of two-child households and the rarity of the 4+. Or maybe that those moms of 4+ are biologically different from those of us who look at the two sets of muddy shoes at the entryway and decide that we're done.

With my little one just one little year old I haven't totally decided that we're done, though my husband has. But the chief reason I think we won't go for three is this: though I am doting on the second baby, I feel every day the gap in the amount of attention I am able to give my first baby. And to think I worried I wouldn't love the new one. Silly me. I hope that as the baby gets older and a bit more independent (and stops nursing!!), I will have more time and patience for the one who made me a mother nearly five years ago. I miss our special bond and I'm tired of yelling at him nearly all the time. I am working on this. Every day. To be more patient and less "judge"-y and strict. Not to say we aren't disciplined... I hope you get my meaning.

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