Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teeth Brushing

Try using your toothbrush (or an identical one). Kids want what we use... he might be more open to giving you a chance with a toothbrush he really likes. Try role-playing with a doll/stuffed animal that has a mouth that opens (do you have Ernie or big bird? both have open mouths). Then... be consistent--every. single. night. For a few nights last week we skipped brushing b/c M fell asleep while nursing. I just let it go--couldn't bring myself to wake him. When we started back up? Trouble.

Can you enlist your husband in the brushing? Invite your son to brush your teeth? 


From babycenter...

It was always a struggle to get my toddler to brush her teeth. Three things finally worked for us, introduced in this order: 1) Raffi's song "You brush your teeth" on Singable Songs for the Very Young, which we've played several times a day because it's on an album Shaela loves; 2) watching us brush, without asking her to do it or letting her do it herself — magical combination of adult modeling and forbidden fruit, I guess; and 3) a baby toothpaste called Baby's First that tastes good and is okay for her to swallow. — Mita, Ontario, Canada

My 2-year-old would never cooperate at toothbrushing time. "No!" she'd yell, and clamp her mouth closed, even when given her Teletubby toothbrush and tasty kid-style toothpaste. Now I don't tell her to brush her teeth but to roar like a lion, as loud as she can. She loves doing this and doesn't mind that I slip the toothbrush in and give her a good brushing while she roars. — Mary, Illinois

Thanks! Except for the song – we do all the other things! Also using 2 brushes, going over the teeth with a wash-cloth…

I have decided I am the adult, he is the child, his teeth need brushing, so I will brush after him, even when he yells…the only problem is the shutting of the mouth and forcing it open J

On the tooth stain front I did take him to a ped dentist, who confirmed that they are stains and not cavities, he recommended using an electric brush, which I am using, and I think even the times he uses it, he is more likely to brush the actual teeth than vacuum in his mouth J there are still stains, but I am feeling better ~ it, and he is letting me to brush for a few seconds more!!!

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  1. I have a new tip for teeth brushing!! Tickle the teeth! This doesn't always work, but sometimes I can get my son to cooperate more by playing this game. Also, I lay him down on my lap so it's easier to get at his little chompers. It's MUCH harder to brush them while he's standing up, or in my arms being held.