Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attachment to Day Care Workers

I realize that I am totally attached to the teachers in our son's room at day care. We have to move him (since my husband is changing jobs and the current center is affiliated with his old office in Fairfax). I am not coping well. Should I not get as attached this time with the new teachers? What have others done in this situation? Is it the case simply that every transition is hard for the mom? I admit, I'm bad with change. But I want Michael to do well in this transition.

What's the wisdom out there on how to manage changing day care centers?

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  1. Input from Amy B.: It's normal for them to get very attached to good daycare teachers. At many centers they have to move about every 6 months so you get used to dealing with the changes - it always takes a few weeks and then they settle down again, usually.